Geology turned 4 last month. To celebrate, everything is 25% off for the rest of the year. Use code: 4yrs at checkout.

Only 2 releases snuck out this year out of 5+ that I had planned. A bit disappointing, but the label is a one person job and this year caught up with me early and didn’t let go. It’s been an inspiring year for music, both in the cassette community and larger music world, and frustrating to have not been as much a part of that as planned, but that just means I’m looking forward to a great 2018.

Here’s what is coming soon (February or March 2018):

STRATA18: Grand Mal - Selected Acoustic Works

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Grand Mal (Fluere Tapes, Jeunesse Cosmique, Patient Sounds), although Jordan has been busy dabbling in other sound palettes under other names. Here his acoustic songs are re-organized into a new unified whole.

STRATA19: Strange Mountain II - Rides Eternal

When Strange Mountain approached a very young Geology with his Inhibitions album back in 2014 I was honored to have a hand in releasing something so gorgeous and nuanced. This is the same artist… but a huge leap sideways. This is an artist taking a pause, looking in a new direction and nailing it.

STRATA20: Oliwa - Formas

I was a big fan of the work Oliwa did a few years ago on Inner Islands and couldn’t be more excited to share Formas with you. Oliwa is a master of the slow, super organic, build and making electronic music that feels alive. This is ambient techno with absolute heart and soul.

I hope to have pre-orders up sometime mid-January. If you aren’t already, subscribe to the mailing list (on the home page) for super infrequent updates (typically a handful a year), including when these three will drop.