About Geology

Geology is a small label from Wisconsin with a wandering focus releasing cassettes in limited editions. I am a graphic designer by day and a bit obsessive about music in general so you can expect a lot of care in the look of Geology releases and that they will generally be pro-dubbed and pro-printed. All include a digital download through Bandcamp because, frankly, a ton of my own listening is through a computer. My musical tastes are extremely varied and it shows in what I’ve released so far. Expect that to continue.

Geology splits stock between this site and the Bandcamp page to make sure nothing oversells. If something is sold out here it is worth checking the Bandcamp page (and the opposite) as well as the distros listed below.
Geology is currently not accepting submissions. Normally I love getting them, but my schedule has gotten so busy that I am having a hard time getting around to giving them a fair listen. I hope to begin accepting them again in the future.Thanks for making music, though. You are helping to make the world a better place.
Distros/Record Stores
Interested in carrying some Geology titles? Shoot me an email and let’s talk.
I like to ship as soon as possible to get you your music, but being that Geology is a one person operation it may take a few days. Generally I make it to the post office twice per week. I make every attempt to package things well enough that they don’t break in transit, but don’t be shocked if you receive a reused mailer. I hate waste and these things can be used a few times before they are finished. Reuse the one I send you the next time you ship something or sell on Discogs.
Distributors/Shops Carrying Geology Titles
Tomentosa Records (US)
Eroding Winds (US)
Apothecary Compositions (US)
Acme Records (Milwaukee)
Adventures In Dubbing (Europe)