March 31, 2014



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Release notes

Home-dubbed on cobalt. Includes Digital Download.

Art Direction/Design

Eric Krueger

North Col – One

Noisy feedback wanderings and quiet interludes improvised at the Weil House, (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) sometime in 2007 and 2008.

Players include Kevin Schneider, Eric Krueger, Michael Wold, Brent Kelley and Matthew Vrabel.

Shortly after our band Signal to Shore dissolved, Kevin and I started writing songs as North Col. Over time the project evolved/devolved into a chaotic, sometimes extremely noisy improvisation group. We recorded almost everything and frequently had various musician friends over to join in. There were some melodic jams, some late night bad metal free-for-alls and a lot of walls of feedback.

I thought of the idea to compile some of these into some sort of document years ago and finally got to it in 2013, resulting in this album. There were moments of intense catharsis in the recording of some of these songs and I hope some of that bleeds through the tape hiss to your ears. Really good times.

1. …..
2. September 15
3. Asterisk Session 1
4. …..
5. Asterisk Session 3

1. March 27
2. …..
3. June 2
4. May 1 Part 1
5. May 7
6. May 1 Part 2